About Us


  • We believe in the Holy Scriptures.
  • We believe that there is only one true and Living God.
  • We believe that man sinned and fell from grace.
  • We believe that the salvation of sinners is all by grace.
  • We believe in the justification of every believer.
  • We believe that salvation comes only through Jesus Christ.
  • We believe that to be saved sinners must be regenerated.
  • We believe that repentance and faith are necessary to be saved.
  • We believe in the Grace of God.
  • We believe in the Sanctification of the saints.
  • We believe in the Perseverance of the believers.
  • We believe in the Law of God.
  • We believe in the Church of God.
  • We believe in Baptism and the Lord's Supper.
  • We believe that Sunday is the Christian Sabbath.
  • We believe that Civil Government is established by God.
  • We believe in the Difference between the Wicked and the Righteous.
  • We believe in the World to Come.


  1. Praying for our church every day
  2. Inviting & Bringing others every week
  3. Attending Bible Institute every week (Wednesday @11 a.m. or Thursday @ 6:30 p.m.)
  4. Giving Tithes & Offerings
  5. Working and being faithful to the ministry
  6. Being a faithful student to the Hour of Power (Meets every Sunday at 9:00 a.m.)
  7. Praise & Worship every Sunday (Service begins at 10 a.m.)


Worship With Us

Sunday Hours of Worship

Morning Worship Service 10:00 a.m.

Bible Institute

Wednesday 1:00 p.m.